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Happy Roam credit "auto" deduction issue

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Happy Roam credit "auto" deduction issue

I was reading through some of the post regarding Happy Roam as I wanted to get 1 for traveling. Notice that some of the post is about credits being deducted by itself (even after top-up). Everytime there is a deduction issue, just need to PM one of the staff.


For clarity, what is exactly the issue and possible to avoid this? I think most of the people that uses Happy Roam will want to avoid such issue, especially they are already oversea and depend on this as a mean of communication. Maybe someone from Starhub can help to answer this. Pin it in the forum for all to see.


*there is also a majority of issue on network connectivity but 1 at a time.



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Re: Happy Roam credit "auto" deduction issue

I don’t think they even know. The auto deduct existed for as long as I used their prepaid. Usually I will top up and buy a data plan immediately of the same top up amount. I will not top up more than I need. The balance can disappear for no reason.
Even a brand new sim I activated was already missing money when it had a 100gb 10 day data alotment from the start.
I suppose most people don’t know this forum exist and can’t be bothered. It’s good for starhub and bad for the consumers.
The problem I had recently is the non extension of the data plan. For example if I have a 50 credit , I want to just spend it all on data before money randomly disappears. I could buy a couple 30 day plans. Usually it should extend for each plan for example 2 x 30 day should be 60 days but now it just adds up to the 30day in total. Lol
Seriously who is running this company. Hahahaha what joke
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Re: Happy Roam credit "auto" deduction issue

No one from StarHub can answer?


Meaning got problem when accessing overseas then 

- panic

- frustrated

- call StarHub support (oversea)

- wait

- wait

- wait

- reach home!

- StarHub replied


be the sequence of things that will happen? Just trying to imaging. Haha....


Alumni (Retired)

Re: Happy Roam credit "auto" deduction issue

Hi izinc


Thank you for waiting. We note your concerns but network coverage and speeds when overseas is dependent on the partner network. Does reinstalling the Prepaid APN using the Happy Prepaid App, restarting your handset or placing your SIM Card in another handset help resolve this issue?


If this doesn't work, please contact our Prepaid hotline at +65 9850 0000 or write in via our > Online Feedback Form < where our colleagues will provide you with dedicated assistance.


- Amy
Community Manager

Re: Happy Roam credit "auto" deduction issue

Apologies on the delayed response due to high volume of enquiries. We have replied to your PM for further assistance. -Debbie

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