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Happy Prepaid Sim Card - Toggling to different handsets

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Happy Prepaid Sim Card - Toggling to different handsets



I have a few questions pertaining Happy Prepaid Sim card. The situation is i would like to get it for my girlfriend who is not in Singapore for her usage when we meet in Malaysia 2 days from now.



Can i activate the sim card on my phone in Singapore first and shift the sim card to her phone for use in Malaysia 2 days later? If yes, is there anything i need to configure or take note of in advance.



She only needs to use data in Malaysia. Can i activate the prepaid card in Singapore but only buy and activate the data package 2 days later when we reach malaysia?



Can we switch and shuffle the prepaid card among our handset for use in Malaysia? If yes, anything to take note of in terms of configuration to ensure the data works while in Malaysia.



Is the starhub app required to be downloaded and installed on her phone in order for her to use it in Malaysia?



Configurations required are:

1) Roaming to set to "ON" in starhub app and handset with either manual or automatic preferred mobile operator network selected


2) Set the APN


3) Select and buy data using the starhub app.


4) Use until you drop.


She is not a singapore mobile service subscriber. Is there any configuration required e.g. APN settings or network selection, on her handset when she changes back to her own sim card?


Awaits your response. Thanks!


Alumni (Retired)

Re: Happy Prepaid Sim Card - Toggling to different handsets

Hi @ Lahaiconde7991


To answer your questions in order of presentation:


1) All Prepaid SIM Cards are automatically activated upon registration now. So it doesn't matter when you purchase it. 


2) You can activate your data plans for the Prepaid Card at any time you choose. We recommend you download the Happy Prepaid App for easy configuration and updates.


3 to 5) Yes, you can switch the SIM Card in between 2 handsets. To avoid inconveniencing both of you, we recommend you get standalone cards for each handset though.


You don't need to install the Prepaid App but should the configurations be incorrect, the Happy Prepaid App will be the fastest method you have to restore APN settings and manage the services while on the go.



- Amy