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Free 3G Data Not 4G data?

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Free 3G Data Not 4G data?

I just get the information from StarHub customer care Hotline, They told me when I top up S$10 or more to get the Free Data is 3G not 4G!!? As I know from StarHub advertising is [Free 500mb local 4G data]. 

Is StarHub Advertising cheating on me? I want to get an answer from StarHub, otherwise I will post this on public social


Community Manager

Re: Free 3G Data Not 4G data?

Hi leoling819


The promotion you've screenshot does come with 4G local data. However, network coverage and speeds may differ from location to location due to blindspots and other factors like increase in traffic at your location. 


Are you experiencing slow data speeds? Do try reinstalling the Prepaid APN using the Happy Prepaid App, restarting your handset or placing your SIM Card in another handset to see if this helps resolve this issue as well. 


Please send us your registered name and Prepaid number for verification by clicking the words bracketed by the arrows here > via Private Message < so we can assist you. 


- Amy
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Re: Free 3G Data Not 4G data?

Thanks for your reply!

I have purchased another data plan of 7 days 1G package and the 4G data come to me! So I wonder Free Data only provide 3G to us? So I called 1633 on 07/01/2019 12:20pm++ for this issue, and I get the answer from the officer is Free Data provide to us only 3G data not 4G data. Wow.... So that the StarHub Advertising is cheating on me? I'm looking for the answer.