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Existing Prepaid Account Ownership

Respected Commentator

Existing Prepaid Account Ownership



How may I check the total number of existing prepaid accounts under my name? Plus, I also wish to verify and confirm the existing prepaid number that I am currently using is registered under my name and ID. It's been years and I couldn't recall if the existing number that I'm using was registered under my name or my cousin's. As I've been trying to register on Hub ID with my existing prepaid number and NRIC but failed countless of times up to this day.


*** And I'm still unable to send or reply SMS and I've been experiencing this issue for almost 2 years now. And yes, up to this very day, no one has given me the ultimate solution or provided an assistance that could resolve the matter. But I'm still not giving up (on my 500+ free smses), yet.



Thank you in advance.

Community Manager

Re: Existing Prepaid Account Ownership

Hi Hayden, please PM us the subscriber name, registered Hub ID / email address and mobile number by clicking >> HERE, we’ll arrange for assistance. 

Respected Commentator

Re: Existing Prepaid Account Ownership

Hi Lyn,

Thank you for your prompt reply.

I've sent you guys a PM on the required information. Thanks!