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Data upsize due to excess data

Valued Commentator

Data upsize due to excess data

Hi, my data exceed by 2GB because my WiFi got disconnected, and I have to pay extra $20 for my bill.

I was wondering if i add data upsize 10GB for $10/mth, will it cover the exceeded 2GB data? Or I have to pay the $20?

If if cover, when do I have to cancel the upsize plan if I doesn't want it for my next month? 

Community Relationship Manager

Re: Data upsize due to excess data

Hi @chantinghui, as the 2Gb has already been utilized, you're still required to pay the $20. It's not possible to offset 2GB from the 10GB data add-on. You can add on 10Gb at anytime and it will expire after 1 month. You can choose to unsubscribe before the following month kicks in. -Jolene