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Data roaming not working in China

Senior Commentator

Data roaming not working in China

hi All, 


Can anyone give me any alternative idea on how to get data working. 

There is roaming working i can see "CHINA MOBILE"中国移动" on top of iphone, but there is no 3G/4G services at all. 


I have tried everything below. 

  1. I topped up 30-days 2.4gb of data plan before flying off to China
  2. Roaming on Happy App is "ON"
  3. Installed APN settings, i can see shppd auto set on my APN
  4. Turn on data/cellular roaming on iphone
  5. Turn airplane mode on and off
  6. Turn iphone off and on

All i see is "中国移动" there is no data at all.(no 3g/4G logo) I can send SMS & receive call on this spore line


So WHAT ELSE CAN I DO ...HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!