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All my credits disappeared in my Prepaid

New Commentator

All my credits disappeared in my Prepaid

Hi, I am using a Happy Prepaid for roaming in Asia in my recent trip.  I had $50 credit (more like $49.78) and used $25 of it last month to purchase a 30-day 5 GB plan. 


I left Taiwan yesterday for Berlin and checked my credit before leaving and showed I still had $24.78 left, which was perfect as I was thinking of saving and using it to purchase more data for the next leg of my trip in the US.


However, when I landed in Berlin and hopped on the airport WiFi, I immediately got a text from Starhub saying I have less than $5 left in my account...went to the StarHub app and it shows I only have $1.78 left in my account.  Where did all my credits disappear to?  I even checked transaction history and it shows I only used it on the $25 plan.


The same thing happened to my wife's Starub Happy prepaid as well.  She checked hers when we landed and almost the entire leftover credit is gone!  Please help!