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3rd time Happy Roam data not working and balance deducted

New Commentator

3rd time Happy Roam data not working and balance deducted

Hi my starhub prepaid balance on 1 July at around 6pm SG time is $13.31. I went to Indonesia and am still in Indonesia, but my Happy Roam data is not working, I cannot connect even though I have checked APN settings, restarted multiple times and changed the SIM card onto another device.( In January this year, I was using the same phone, which has only contained this starhub prepaid SimCard, and could connect fine in Malaysia and Indonesia).  I tried    again this morning, 2July, and I could connect to Happy Roam data for few seconds at around 6am Indonesia time. But then I checked my balance and it has been incorrectly deducted and now I couldn't reconnect to Happy Roam data anymore. I tried to call the 9850000 number and my balance got deducted further, to $1+ now. I really need the Happy Roam data to get around, please. Appreciate your prompt help please.

Note: I had already activated Roaming, topped up and bought data plan while in Singapore.
I also called customer service (9850000) two days ago, on 30 June, to confirm I have Happy Roam data and to supposedly resolve the issue of when I was in Malaysia on 20 June and also couldn't connect Happy Roam data then. I thought the Starhub officer had already resolved it after my call on 30 June, but looks like the problem still persists. Please help.

Community Manager

Re: 3rd time Happy Roam data not working and balance deducted

Hi RLC, I apologise for the frustrations that you are going through on this. Let me arrange for assistance.


Please send me a private message here with your name, NRIC/FIN, contact number and email address so that I can get in touch and assist you further. Thank you - Josephine