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plan swap between lines

Valued Commentator

plan swap between lines

In my single mobile account i have 3lines, i would like to swap welcome plan to Sim only and viceversa, 

discussed via the starhub chat channel they suggested to call hotline, where i was informed it is not possible,


Totally i don't understand the logic, technical it is possible, this is simple swap.


As the sales point of view customer retention is highly important but seems like Starhub is not serious,


Please share if anyone has experienced before! 


Re: plan swap between lines

Hi @Sarathykp, you change your Welcome Plan to a Sim Only Plan as long as it isn't under contract. Not sure why you were told it isn't possible. Since we can't access your account details here on the Community, we need to refer you to my colleagues on Facebook or Twitter to further assist you on your concern. 


~ Carla
Valued Commentator

Re: plan swap between lines

Hi Carlo, 

Thanks for the response,

I believe my posted query was not clear, i would like swap the mobile numbers between the plans, no change in 
current plan.
As was told so such processes, every process is created by us, it is matter whether want to do it or not,