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how to check free minutes after call

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Re: how to check free minutes after call

Hi Eric,


From your calculation, means that Starhub charge per seconds, which is 15cents per minute, or 0.25cent per second. (example: The call lasted 90 seconds. 90s * 0.25cents per second = 22.5cents)

Am I right? 


That means Starhub will count very accurately. Thus, there is definetely IMPOSSIBLE K.subra will get this kind of bill. I think K.Subra can report to Starhub Service Centre and check more details on your bill maybe.


p/s: by the way, my phone can count the total call duration in unit of seconds. 

Grand Guru

Re: how to check free minutes after call

Partially correct, if every call is more than 1 min.

But if a call is less than 60 sec or 1 min, the charge is still charge 15cent minimum.

Meaning is when making outgoing call is 20 sec, the charge is still 15 cent.


 As for  @Ksubra mentioned  ["always increase the minuts"].

This is to mean that there are several outgoing calls is less than 1 mins; of which Starhub system will automatic add to minimum of 60sec (for calculation purpose)

Unless all his calls are more than 1 min.


This is why i stated that it will be quite impossible to manually calculate using the mobile phone log.



There is a VAS to check your usage on call timing.

The VAS term is  "Itemized Bill" of $5.35 monthly with activate cost $10.70 one time charge.

You can sign in to your Account to check.

At the mobile plan, there is a  "Select" drop down box, and

select  "Add Value-Added Service" will go to the "Vaue-Added Services" page.

Under the  "Itemized Bill", is the description.

We can add or delete any VAS ourself, thru this way.