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data always exceed eventhough using 3G speed

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data always exceed eventhough using 3G speed

it funny eversince i renew my contract...n get extra 3 gb $6 permonth total of using my phone only for whatapps,facebook n instagram...every single month exceed either 2 or 3 gb,unlike my previos plan was only 4GB but yet not to exceed..i mean like seriusly..i didnt watch youtube thru my phone..watching fb video n instagram only..but bo pien just renew,it ok next year im goona jump to diff telco it ok to pay the early termination fees than rather monthly i pay extra for exceed possible watching some video in fb could suck up ur data worst than watching utube..

Alumni (Retired)

Re: data always exceed eventhough using 3G speed

Hi @ shah irawin


Thanks for sharing this with us. 


You can review the daily breakdown of your data usage by downloading My StarHub App and logging in with your Hub ID.


Do PM me your details and a screenshot of the days you see unusually high data usage and we'll be happy to check.

- Amy