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XS,S,M,L, etc. VS The NEW 2-yr plan

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XS,S,M,L, etc. VS The NEW 2-yr plan

I’ve been a starhub customer for almost 8yrs now and been jumping in different mobile plans, my latest and recent plan is now on S Plan(downgraded) and recently starhub release almost the same plan as the S,M,L,etc., which is the 2-yr plan. And I noticed that there is almost no or very little price difference from the S Plan I’ve signed in and the big difference is in the data size, they are given an additional 10GB for this new plan. Why can’t starhub implement this to the not so old mobile plan subscriber like mine who is paying almost the same amount?

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Re: XS,S,M,L, etc. VS The NEW 2-yr plan