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Wrongly billed for service I did not subscribe to

New Commentator

Wrongly billed for service I did not subscribe to

In my latest phone bill dated 10/5/2019, I was charged for Internet TV service which I did not sign up for. I have not paid yet as I am using the recurring payment method.


internet tv.PNG


I checked my account and the Internet TV service appears to be subscribed to my account. I did not subscribe to this service at all, and since discovering it I have unsubscribed. However, I received the confirmation email which informs me that I have "waived your right to unsubscribe from StarHub TV service/ add-on pack without Early Termination Charge (ETC)."




Why should I be charged at all to unsubscribe from a service I never subscribed to in the first place?


User kazsoft had made a similar, almost identical post before, but it did not appear to be resolved. I'm quite annoyed that this appears to have happened several times - how can Starhub be so incompetent that they've charged their customers incorrectly multiple times?


It would be great if someone could help me out with this, thanks very much!