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Who can explain the waiver charges?

Valued Commentator

Who can explain the waiver charges?

One of my line did faced some problem on initial port in from other service. I have done repetitive complaint and report to StarHub even StarHub ald acknowledge their communication barrier and services. At the end due to reaching customer satisfaction StarHub promised that will granted the line with few months waiver. However recent bill showed me that the waiver applied to the cheapest deal from my sublime instead of the line that I reported. How could this happen? It’s illogical and doesn’t make sense. Perhaps you telling me that you don’t concern on customer senseability of your corresponds?

Alumni (Retired)

Re: Who can explain the waiver charges?

Hi Cyee620, please send me a PM with the subscriber's name, NRIC/FIN, mobile and email address. Let me check on this. Thank you.