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Waiver of incoming overseas bill shock

Valued Commentator

Waiver of incoming overseas bill shock

Valued Commentator

Re: Waiver of incoming overseas bill shock

Hi There ,


I was shocked to receive my bill because I had taken so many precautions prior to travelling abroad . I had switched off my data roaming and used airport wifi . 


I had been charged for INCOMING calls when I was at a stopover in Abu Dhabi both to and from UK . The calls originated from UK and was through FaceTime as well as a Tesco calling card . I do not understand how come I am charged for it when I was using wifi the whole time and my Data Roaming was completely switched off . Also , the calls were made through FaceTime and a calling card .



Please kindly look into this matter .

Community Manager

Re: Waiver of incoming overseas bill shock

Hi Abigail545, let us check on this. Please PM us with your full name and hub ID/email address for assistance via  

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