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VoLTE Issues

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VoLTE Issues

Hi, Recently I was using data while online talking to a technical support and realised that I couldn't do both at the same time due to VoLTE not activated in my phone, so I went to setting and couldn't find any VoLTE tab to switch ON.

So I swapped Sim card (Starhub user too) with my wife and the VoLTE was there to switch, so therfore knowing that my SIM issue.

Called helpdesk and was told that she could activate the services for me (free of charge), but not sure was 1-2 hrs or 1-2 days??? 3 days past and the service was still not activate or still not available, so called again, this time the helpdesk don't even understand such thingy VoLTE and said no such service available from Starhub...Can someone help with this?

SIM card issue, that need to go to service center or can be activated remotely? 

Community Manager

Re: VoLTE Issues

Hi MartinSMH


If you're still experiencing issues as of now after switching off and on the phone, please drop me a PM with your registered name, registered mobile number and Hub ID/email address by clicking the words bracketed by the arrows here > via Private Message <  for me to arrange for assistance.


Thank you.


- Jackson