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Starhub 4G ping spike every 5 seconds

New Commentator

Starhub 4G ping spike every 5 seconds

So since around the start of January my Starhub connection has a ping spike every 5 seconds making it impossible to play competitive phone games with.


Previously my Starhub connection did not have this issue and was able to remain stable at all times.


I've tested my phone and sim card slots by using a TPG sim card and realised that the problem was definately due to my Starhub connection as my TPG network managed to run smoothly without any ping spikes.


If anyone knows what might have caused this please advice me on what to do to fix this thanks!




Re: Starhub 4G ping spike every 5 seconds

Hi @yl220, aside from trying another sim on your device, did you try to reboot it? Did the issue persist? If yes, please contact our Customer Care Support on Facebook or Twitter for further assistance. 



~ Carla
Respected Advisor

Re: Starhub 4G ping spike every 5 seconds



Some info that you may need to provide. What kind of phone are you using? If it a iPhone or Android phone? Did you try to reset your Network settings? What is your starhub APN set to? is it shwap or shinternet ? 


Maybe you can provide more information so we can help you out in the community with our knowledge.