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SmartSupport by Starhub Review (2 ouf of 5)

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SmartSupport by Starhub Review (2 ouf of 5)

StarHub 's Smart support / smartsupport Review
If they ever ask you to get it, IMO, not good. 2 star out of 5 star. (You know the part where you signing up a postpaid contract, and they ask you if you want extra protection for your phone like if you crack your screen up or anything)
Im reviewing this because when i was there i couldn't find a review to help me on my decisions, and i regretted so badly. I want people to have the chance to read and understand (like how i felt) before making a decision. Even if it ends up you take it and you're happy, then you are a happy customer, I will be honest here, I'm not.
Products review top, long-winded-Service review below.
1st phone swapped/exchanged:
-Battery heat up easily (I always off fast charging to maintain battery life)
not to mention I'm not even charging it feels warm easily.
-irresponsive when its locked occasionally, so fingerprint don't work, double tab phone also no reaction for me to unlock with password, imagine I need to call 999 or 995, I just wait to die.
-sensor total 0 function, phonecalls no auto darkened, screen face down for a long time I turn up I realised the AOD did not "sleep".
-Auto brightness doesnt allow u to adjust and overtime go to ur preference. 0 reaction to adjust when auto.
2nd phone swapped:
this is better cause above all solved.
Battery don't heat up easily BUT ! easy low battery compared to my old one which could last long. I really loveD how the battery lasted since my previous note 4 was dying extremely fast.
Ocassionally apps-using or websurfing lags or hangs.
I don't want to go thru wheel of fortune again so I stuck with the 2nd phone.
Service review and own opinions, (for summarize form all the way bottom):
So I had a cracked screen from a note 8 and when I went to Samsung they quoted me 314, and I rmb I bought a extra protection program from starhub so I went to ask. At first the starhub staff gave me a brochure on smart support and told me the information about it and when I saw refurb, I immediately cringe. But I did ask the person if I request I don't want refurb only new, can they do it, and he said yes.
Okay then when I called over to Smart Support.
HOHO, this is where everything goes down the road. Anyway is $130 on top of the paying protection plan. But not all their service crew on the line are bad, but my first 2 calls was. I suspect same lady..? Because the first 2 calls I made were very bad, trouble hearing her and rude to me and then there were other 2 calls which I made which I could hear them okay. I suspect the company phone got problem, the place I worked need to pick up phone calls too and they are phones that I prefer to direct to another phone to pick up.
So this lady who has a bad line/faulty phone picked up (the conversation throughout did not have a smooth volume keep up and down; but I had no problems with other phone calls, this was my cracked note8)
I asked about the exchange and she told me no, they can't do new phone exchange, strictly only refurb. Then I need to point out one bad point is their payment is strictly through phone by card, so if one day your card is $0 surprise surprise. Anyway end of day I decided to do it with smart support because anyway I paid for the service, if I don't use it, I would have wasted my money buying this extra service from starhub. So instead of changing the screen/cover with Samsung I did an exchange device with Smart Support.
Anyway I hang up because I told her I need to go elsewhere quiet to call her to give her my private details on my card and I did ask her about being on the record and she told me they will off the machine when they start the payment details.
So I called back when I'm at a quiet place where no one able to overhear the sensitive data. Same problem to the other side of the phone. even though I picked up a call on the way and sounds fine and extremely loud since I up the volume.
One thing I want to point out is when you start payment details on phone you should inform the customer, we are now off the record but- NO- straight towards to asking me name, card number, etc.
Then she start explaining to me about the policies related stuff, and she suddenly sounded far from the phone then near then far and I hardly can make it out so I asked her to repeat, she sounded irritated so I told her the phone line was not good or the phone has something wrong and apologised for the repeat then she do it again, after 3rd time she got annoyed and told me YOU CAN'T - - - ME CAUSE YOU AT - - - CROWDED. Then I'm like no the place is extremely quiet (I did not say this to her but I even use earpiece because can't hear you properly) anyway I try to catch as much as possible anyway after a few repeats. I'm extremely annoyed but I don't want to annoy the person arranging the exchange too much as well. I also make sure to ask if I can 'swap' again if they sent me a faulty phone.
Product review all the way up.
My 3rd call was the waiting day I don't see anyone coming over and afraid the person unable to find the shop I'm working at- I called smart support with my cracked phone to ask will the person come because I had a missed call I'm not sure is it the deliverer. The person informed me they still will- anyway this phone call was smooth, I can hear.
Anyway lots of faults and I called them again at 9am the next day to list out all the problems I had after receiving the phone probably with a irritated tone. I asked can I refund and get back my cracked phone. I regretted so much that I did the exchange if I knew it would caused me so much problem. Anyway the person was NOT RUDE like the first 2 calls even though I was a bit pissed off. XXXXXXXXXXX The results I don't need say of course cannot etc etc they want $$$ ma. Business. But I wanted to try cause I was angry and I hate the changed phone.
This call was also okay, I can hear - Like how she state after swapping the 1st phone I swapped will then belong to starhub.. 6months warranty etc..etc..
I called again for a rearrange delivery address to my home instead to workplace which was my 5th call omg. but still- main point is all my calls, only the first 2 a rude person answered.
ANYWAY the 2nd phone was bad also but still can accept and I don't want anything worst already is like draw of luck with smart support.
the 2 star I gave was only the later phone calls I got a better service than the first 2 calls I made. not only the product was by luck the service also by luck, see if someone who can do this with you nicely or someone whose rude and unapologetic. 
Also since they gave me a borderline decent phone on the 2nd swap, fine. i have to tolerate it, its life. At least better than the unuseable 1st swap. But i really regretted ,my fresh 7months note8 was all perfect. i had loved it. now, i wish i could change my note 8 soon.
Imagine you already so bad mood with your damaged phone they can't even provide you with stable decent service standards, then the staff shouldn't do customer service/call centre.
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Re: SmartSupport by Starhub Review (2 ouf of 5)

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