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Service still not resumed after about 9 hours now

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Service still not resumed after about 9 hours now

Changed address but haven't been receiving bills to new address . Fine,svc suspended today,paid 164.67 when outstanding amount was 64.67$, about 8-9 hours later now still suspended . What is happening ? have been calling 1637 multiple times from normal telephone but still no service resumption . Pls assist
P.s yes have switched off and on my phone the whole day .
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Re: Service still not resumed after about 9 hours now


You need to write Email to this Customer Service dept to provide in details, such as your New Address.


She may need a copy of your NRIC front & back, for proof. 

But i told her to check it at her end with their Sales as each contract, they make copy of the NRIC.

After several emails, then it had finally settled, and no more bills to my previous flat owner.

She also explained how Starhub System do have 4 types of address.



Alternately you drop us (Starhub) your details over at for assistance.

Including both "Change of New Address" and "your payment mode".

This may be better



Finance & Accounts dept will send the original copy of the bill to the "Registered Address".

This "Registered Address" is meant as the  Official Registered Address when they send any Official matter.

Starhub staff may not have any idea about this so-call "Registered Address" as they said is not in use.!!




HOTline CS may not have anything to do with this Customer Service dept. is standalone.

Based on my previous job, HOTline CS is part of the AfterSales dept.

Whereas Customer Service dept handle both Sales & Service staff (in dealing with Customers) on their Performance.


For HOTline to CS, Sales, Billing, etc; is no use at all.


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Re: Service still not resumed after about 9 hours now

For payment mode, if using 'machine' it may take about 3 working days to take effect.

Unless payment made in Starhub cashier.



Do write your details over at  for assistance, including how you made your payment & your new address.


This may be better

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Re: Service still not resumed after about 9 hours now

Ty for your kind reply !!! I made payment immediately through credit card when I got to the hotline . And they told me its resumed immediately and that's what they kept repeating each time I called . I've done the change of address several times online and when i recontract few months back but I don't know why the process takes so long even my name is still a Mr instead of a Ms . Guess I've to make another serious visit but on a more important level -service resumption .
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Re: Service still not resumed after about 9 hours now


Do write your details over at  for assistance.


This way is faster as any staff could follow up with you.

Request to re-activate asap.

Explained that you did not received any bills as it went to your previous flat address.

And you did made credit card payment asap upon knowing your bill amounts.

Afterall, it is not your mistake, but it is Starhub that sent the bills based on "Registered Address" which is your previous address.


Alternately you could click on the name to know if he/she is Community staff (recent post) and on the right "Send this user a private message"


You could do both as not been "kiasu" but nobody can contact you.

My mobile is important as it is my Official contact. I do not use starhub phone line.


By the way, you can log in to your HubiD to check your bills thru Account (drop down menu) in pdf format.

Just take note.


For me, they did not suspensed my account as i did received 2 bills.

And for the other 2 bills, it was my previous flat owner complained to HDB, that's how i knew.

Also they sent me both photocopy (reprint) bills to my new address.

Now, i am very particular when i do not recieved bills at the normal date to arrive.