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Ridiculous Data Excess Calculation!

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Ridiculous Data Excess Calculation!

How do I know if StarHub miscalculated my data usage? Because lately it has been reaching the limit so fast when I didn't really use it as my work and home have wifi. And just today, I received the Sms alert at 2.23pm that informed me that I have used 100% of the 3gb local data bundle which the counter will reset on 16th Aug. And at 8+pm, I received another Sms informing me that I have excess local data usage of 1.147GB. Excess usage charge has exceeded $20($157.01/mth cap). It got so ridiculously shot up within a few hours. And I have off the cellular data for almost all of my apps since months ago. But today between 2+pm 8+pm, I wasn't even really using my phone much because I'm at the salon cutting hair, only a few intervals of normal Facebook browsing etc. No mail, no video sending. How can I possibly used 1+gb within that few hours?! I checked My Starhub data usage chart, and my normal avg usage is only 20-30mb a day and some even lesser. I called Starhub 1633 just now and the guy who picked up my call doesn't sound keen in solving this issue, thus I hope you can advise me on this. It's so unfair for me to pay when I didn't really use and moreover I did off cellular data for most of the apps. All in all, I just used like Normal days that usually only used 20-30MB a day. So it seriously can't be correct. And now until 16th still 11 days, I don't know how ridiculously the bill going to come up.
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Re: Ridiculous Data Excess Calculation!

Hi E.S

What phone are you using? Most smartphones have their own data trackers internally.

For example, i'm using Note 4, from settings i'm able to view data usage after setting the monthly bill cycle dates. It resets every month.
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Re: Ridiculous Data Excess Calculation!

I'm using iPhone 6. It's not about the viewing of the data usage. I do monitor my usage from the Starhub app.. My average per DAY usage is only 20-30MB, sometimes less than 10mb because I am usually on wifi at work/home. Just yesterday it shot up to 1.2gb in a day which it puzzled me because I didn't even have time to use my phone that much. No YouTube/No streaming etc. There are days that I used way more than that but did not reach so much before. All these calculations are so hidden and no one actually knows how accurate they go about calculating. Smiley Sad
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Re: Ridiculous Data Excess Calculation!

Haha. I actually depend on my phone for data monitoring more than My StarHub App. Why? Because i can set it auto-cut off after i've reached certain amount of data, or to give me a warning when i'm approaching my limit.

I just taken a look at my brother's iPhone. You can check internally on individual app usage by going:

Settings -> Mobile

I'm sure you can find out which app is a 'hungry app'. The troublesome part might be you have to manually press 'Reset statistics' according to the bill cycle date of your monthly usage.

my starhub app is good to a certain limit, but i feel accessing from phone is the most accurate. Never had trouble with excess data charge

Hope this helps!
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Re: Ridiculous Data Excess Calculation!

Hi E.S

Data may incur due to running background apps. Please also do make sure to close all background apps if you are not using your phone.

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Re: Ridiculous Data Excess Calculation!

It is better to control your Apps from running in the background.

Have you check for virus &or malware, that may cause the background running, although you are unable to see which apps (hidden).

There are a lot of free anti-virus available in Google Play.


When you activate the apps, and then close the apps, but that apps will still continue in the background.


You need to check in the "Recents".

Depend on the phone model, mostly have to press + hold the Home buttons.

Then Removed those apps stated out of the Recent tray.


Next is the mobile Data running in the background.

If you know you are within wifi range, then disable the Data.

When you are outside and not using internet connection, then disable the Data.

This will force any apps not to run in the background for connection.


As most phones do have many good features, then use those features,


Such as  @CheeSa  had mentioned, set the limit on data usage.



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Re: Ridiculous Data Excess Calculation!

Happened to my iphone too. Seem to happen only recently. Something don't seem right.





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Re: Ridiculous Data Excess Calculation!

Same here. The way data use is calculated by StarHub seems to grossly inflate the actual amount used. I requested for my usage logs from StarHub recently and discovered a discrepancy of more than 1GB. When I pressed them for the reason, the customer service rep stopped responding to me.

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Re: Ridiculous Data Excess Calculation!

Hi  @moebius


Firstly, mobile data for 4G plans calculation is based on both Upload and Download.

The charges of mobile data is calculate by per 1GB block.

The rate is based on  0.0107cents/KB up to maximum $10.70/GB, capped at $168/month. (incl gst)

For the rate and info, click here.  


A simple calculation: For 1MB = 1,000 KB x 0.0107cents/KB = $10.70 charges up to 1GB.

If the user had used up to 3GB (let say based on 4G-3 with 3GB) then the mobile data free 3GB usage end here.

Any mobile data use from 3GB the calculation remain the same.

So if usage is 200MB, the charges will still be $10.70 as part of 1GB capped.

But used is 1.01GB  the charges will be $21.40

Calculation of frist 1GB is $10.70; plus the exceed 1GB which is the next 0.01GB is $10.70; Total $21.40

Even if excess usage is 1.5GB the charges of $21.40 remain as 0.5GB is still within the next 1GB charges.


As what  @CheeSa  had mentioned in his post, using the mobile to monitor your usage.

Mobile data charges is based on both Upload & Download.

This is not as what incoming call is free, and outgoing call is chargeable.

Someone did wrote here by saying s/he had only using mobile data to transfer 2GB data to another phone.

Hence s/he asked why it charges is 4GB, not 2GB.

The point is 2GB for upload plus + 2GB download = Total is  4GB.


This is the way i understand how mobile data charges apply.


I am not Starhub staff &or related to.



Error in calculation. 

Do refer to this link for more info   here   


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Re: Ridiculous Data Excess Calculation!

A simple calculation: For 1MB = 1,000 KB x 0.0107cents/KB = $10.70 charges up to 1GB.


this is so can you suddenly inflate 0.0107cents to $10.70 doesnt 0.0107 cents mean 0.01 cent


which when multiplied by a factor of 1000 should still be 10 cents not 10 dollars. 1 cent times 1000 is 10 dollars here you are talking about .01 cents. right!!! or else starhub should write $0.0107/ KB which means 1 cent per KB which is then equivalent to 10 dollars for 1 MB.