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Refuse to honour the exchange of faulty phone and pushing blames

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Refuse to honour the exchange of faulty phone and pushing blames

My company put in a new request to buy Samsung note 8 on Thursday 23 Mar and it was delivered to my working desk yesterday afternoon.The handset was sealed. I cut open the seal and tried the phone. Just minutes after I’ve completed the set up and turned off the screen, the screen will not respond despite trying to turn the screen on (not power on). I tried performing full reset and the problem persist. I called 1631 today and Guess what? The customer service officer (CSO) said that it’s not StarHub’s problem or rather responsibility as they only provide telco services. I was referred to the handset manufacturer i.e. Samsung to rectify the issue.


So now my questions at this juncture are,


1) The handset was delivered by StarHub to my company. Isn’t the phone stocked up by StarHub to be re-sold to their customer purchasing their service?


2) And yes, Singaporeans know that StarHub is a telco provider. You, as a telco service provider, blindly sell things (or rather faulty things) and just shun off your responsibilities to the handset manufacturer just shortly after your customer purchased the phone from you?


3) I was not even given a chance to check the handset on e onset when the delivery man came. Even so, couple hours old phone and you are referring me to Samsung to get it repaired? I don’t need StarHub to tell me what’s wrong with the phone, just change a new working set and you, StarHub, go sort it out with Samsung. Whatever between StarHub and Samsung is none of the consumers’ business. 


So I dropped by Samsung VivoCity today, i was advised by Samsung that their exchange policy will take up to 21 days to process. Wow, you mean tech giants like Samsung needed that amount of time to do an exchange? I was offered an alternative to repair the handset. And you mean repairing a handset which was fresh out of the box?



Ive read articles on Lemon laws and clearly it doesn’t help. Just because StarHub claimed that they are providing service and handset issue ain’t their problem. 


Although this happened to my business line, I’ve got StarHub hubbing plans and personal mobile line and I would consider terminating them in months to come when my contract expires. 


I cant help but to feel disgusted by the whole episode.

Hope Facebook and whatever platform can do some justice. 

Alumni (Retired)

Re: Refuse to honour the exchange of faulty phone and pushing blames



As your mobile service is registered under your company, please contact our Business Team at and they will assist you. 

- Amy