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Recontract period

New Commentator

Recontract period

Previously my prepaid plan was under my mum's company corporate plan which I recontracted this year February 2019 for 2 years. Today (24 Sept 2019) my account was converted back to normal plan(4G 4) due to my mum resignation from the company and I noticed my contract end date is 23 Sept 2021. Question is I didn't re-contract my plan today so shouldn't my contract end date by February of 2021 instead of Sept 2021? Could any one help to clarify thank you.

Community Manager

Re: Recontract period

Hi aug272727, Thank you for contacting us. We are unable to assist you here on StarHub Community. Please direct your query over to Facebook private message ( or Twitter Direct Message ( so that we can log a case for you and respond to you there.



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