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Recontract main line - what happens to existing Shareplus?

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Recontract main line - what happens to existing Shareplus?



I'm considering to recontract with Starhub, and have the following questions. Called the hotline, but didn't get very clear answers (even called twice).


1) If I recontract my mainline online, what happens to my two existing Shareplus?

- Do they cease? If so, how do I renew one of the lines if I want to keep it?

- Do they get auto-renewed? If yes, at what monthly rate? What if I only want to keep one and cease the other?

- Do I need to work out Shareplus at the shop or we can do it online when we recontract online?


2) When will the offer for Samsung S7 at $149 end?


Thank u.



Grand Guru

Re: Recontract main line - what happens to existing Shareplus?

Hi  @bermay


For recontract, there is no change on all VAS. 

As SharePlus is also VAS still apply, until you decide to terminates any VAS.


For Samsung S7, it depend on "While stock last" and if and when Starhub terminate this promotion.



I am not Starhub staff &or related to.

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Re: Recontract main line - what happens to existing Shareplus?

Hi bermay,

Firstly, if you were to re-contract your mainline online, both your existing SharePlus would continue to remain active. This is because the Online Store at the present moment does not support any modification to Shareplus child line.


Therefore based on your scenarios, below are our suggestion.


  • Walk into any StaHub Shop (location details here) where you can renew your Main Mobile line and continue one of your chosen SharePlus line at $8.03/month for 24 months ( U.P $16.05/month ) and terminate your 2nd SharePlus line.
  • Alternatively you can PM me your details, where we can arrange for sales team to call you and complete the sign up over the phone with the handset deliver at your door steps Smiley Happy

How to send a PM (Private Message) on StarHub Community?

Secondly, if you are looking to just renew one line, you can do so at the same time when you are re-contracting your mainline.  

Lastly, with regards to Galaxy S7 pricing, it depends on "While Stock Last" like what eric3743 has mentioned above as well the promotional period. Typically price for all handset changes every Sat. 

Thank you