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Recontract Voucher

Valued Commentator

Recontract Voucher



I like to request for a recontract voucher as my contract will end in 16th May 2019. Thanks


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Community Manager

Re: Recontract Voucher

Hi Chinyuan


I've checked and there's no re-contract offer for your services at this time. Please head down to our retail stores to check out the latest offers available.


Separately, I've removed your details as this is public forum.


- Amy
Valued Commentator

Re: Recontract Voucher

Dear Amy,


thanks for the fast reply..but usally i will have a recontract voucher for handset every contract ends for many years....why this time i not eligible to have? Smiley Sad



Chin Yuan

Community Manager

Re: Recontract Voucher

Re-contract voucher is offered to customers based on our current promotions. Our promotions may change from time to time.


If you are eligible, you will be notified via channels such as SMS, email or direct mail.



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