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Re-contract mobile plans - Home Hubs

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Re-contract mobile plans - Home Hubs



I am going to re-contract my mobile plans this month....However, I am already enrol home hubs package since Nov'2015.


My current mobile plan was SmartSurfValue 4G....there are a few notes in my current online acct mentioned S$100 rebate for handphone before 30Apr, waive S$200 Hub Club Early Re-contract fee waiver and but in the same time mentioned eligible for recontract with fee. Its a bit confusing. 



Grand Guru

Re: Re-contract mobile plans - Home Hubs

Hi  @Justmint


1.  Your mobile line contract have completed 21 months, hence you can recontract to any plan.

2.  You online acct mentioned $100 rebate, it is a bonus &or "Recontract voucher" given, you can use this voucher to offset your handset price.

Example: If your selected handset price is $200, and after voucher discount (-$100), you are to pay $100 for handset price.

3.  SmartSurf Value is not longer available for re/contract.

4.  Current plans are 4G plans, SmartSurf HD plans, MaxMobile plans.

Refer to all current plans link;


5.  When your HomeHub, for Broadband & TV Services are activated, you can start to enjoy this "Annual Handset Upgrade" of waiver $200 Early recontract fee.

That is to say you can recontract your mobile line after completed 12 months of contract.

Refer to this link for more info;


6.  As your current mobile is already available for re/contract, then do the recontract with that $100 voucher.

Then exactly next year, after completed 12months of contract, then go for Annual Handset Upgrade for Hub Club, option.

Unless you have another mobile line which have completed 12 months, you can use Annual Handset Upgrade to recontract.




Should you need further info;

Do send your subscriber details via
by clicking on 'Ask an Account Related Question'
and including your StarHub Community user name,
so that the customer support can check on this accordingly.




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