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Postpaid terminated but still connected

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Postpaid terminated but still connected

My 2 years starhub postpaid contract was ended 2019 may first week. Called starhub by phone to terminate.

Called 1st day customer service said "ok".

But haven't done contract cancel yet called again 2nd day time, push her to terminate.

3rd day I realized pop out phone number need to do.

Call service center again to reconnect line, engineering department said have to wait 3 hours only to reconnect, pay a bit of fees will apply, so I agreed to wait for that.
**Thanks for those person who will to help out

But next day still no active ph line. Called (4th time final time) again to double check what is going on. 

Service center said that it need more than 3 hours and also have to reconnect 2 years again. (She threatened me like that).

So I give up to reconnect phone line number although I want to use.

At the end reach 2019 jun, my starhub phone bill still coming to my mail (charged 2 months without I am not using starhub phone)

**for starhub company better check back recording of what we talked on the phone who is true or false.**

By doing this starhub will loose more than one user from now on.

If customer service afraid to do terminate and reconnect service with single click better give this authority to the user level. 

Feel that terminating line is scary job for starhub call center staffs.