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Plus 3 VAS for CIS plan

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Plus 3 VAS for CIS plan


I am on 4G4 CIS plan, my contract will be due in coming months. If I recontract, will the Plus 3 data upgrade available for the same price.

Can I add plus 3 or cancel it after I recontact.

Can I change my plan to 4G3 after 21 months.


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Re: Plus 3 VAS for CIS plan

Hi  @MiloNTea


Upon completion of 21 months of contract, then you can recontract to any plan of your choice.


For taking "Plus 3 for $6.00" is applicable for new sign up &or recontract only.

This promotion "Plus 3GB for $6.00" is under VAS, where you can cancel it later.

Do note that as any VAS, there is an one-time charge of $10.70 (for activation).



Do note that if you are under Hub Club with hubber discount, then this CIS will not be applicable.


Links regarding to "3GB for $6.00"



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Re: Plus 3 VAS for CIS plan

Hello @MiloNTea,


The Plus 3 VAS is currently not available for CIS customers.

However we will be extending Plus 3 to new and recontracting CIS customers at a later date. More information will be available on soon.  

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Re: Plus 3 VAS for CIS plan