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I am a hub club member and entitled to waiver of one-time charge for activating add-on services.  I activated data-jump and was ensured by the customer service person that the waiver of the one-time charge is automatic.  However, when I received my bill in March 2018, the one-time charge is in my bill.  I called customer service and was told that the system will automatically charge and I have to call in to waive the charge.  This is ridiculous as far as I am concern.


Another issue is that when I recontracted and bought a new phone 2 weeks ago, I told the counter staff that I will not need the SmartSupport service.  However, it appeared in my bill as well.  The same customer service person told me that it is in my contract that I am required to opt-out.  I have already told the staff at the point of recontracting that I don't need it and that is apparently not good enough as an opt-out.  I need to call in to opt-in after being billed.


Why is Star-hub trying to create more calls for their customer service?  Although I am told that the charges will be rectified but it will only take effect in the next billing cycle.  In the first place, if Starhub had billed accurately, I would not have to waste time calling the customer service.


I am very unhappy with the over-charging and hope that Star-hub will look into doing a better job in billing accurately!

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Re: Overcharging



Please send me your full name, NRIC/FIN number, contact number and email via Private Message and I'll arrange for follow up. 

- Amy