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OverCharges in Bill but Unable to Resolve in Months

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OverCharges in Bill but Unable to Resolve in Months

I am not sure if this is the right channel to seek advise on this issue. 


It all started in late Nov 2019 that I need to "terminate my shareplus line" because I wanted to recontract my master line and get a new phone. Undertsand that Starhub do not allow SharePlus line anymore once you recontract. Instead of a seamless and happy process, this has brought me many hassles and frustrations and I have made multiple phone calls to Starhub on the Overcharging Issues and until today the problem is still not resolved. 


1. I called Starhub in the late Nov 2019 to terminate my shareplus line that I had. I specifically indicate that my wish is to "Terminate the SharePlus Line" and shared with the operator that the shareplus Sim Card has already been removed from my phone. 

Immediately after the call, the shareplus sim card was destroyed.

I later go ahead and recontract my Master Line and get a new phone.


2. I had a bill shock from the Starhub bill I received in Dec 2019. First, the changes in the bill are made very complicated that most layman could not understand. A simple change of mobile plan results in multiple aligment of prorated credit and debit and realignment of bills entries and etc. After I somewhat managed to make out what was in the bill, I realised that my shareplus line was charged a full plan M pricing.


3. I call Starhub Customer Care on this, date of call 18/12/19 (Customer Service: Iky). Told him the whole issue. He checked & suggested that he terminated my sharplus line on the spot now while he will need to go back to review the telephone recordings that I called in late Nov to confirm my exact instructions and will get back to me in 3 days.


4. 3 days passed, there is no returing phone call from Iky. I called Starhub again as I wish to know the result. The Customer Service that serve me told me he was not available and will get him to call me back.


5. On the 22/12/19 @ 2030hrs, Iky called and told me that he has verified the Recordings and told me his Starhub colleague that picked my call on Termination of my shareplus line has made a mistake and thus the OverCharging error in the bill. I was asked to allow the credit card deduction to continue for this bill payment and reassured that the OverCharges on my Shareplus line will be fully refunded to me in the next billing cycle. I thought this has resolved the problem and I can rest assured that everything will be inline from here. 


6. Received my Jan 20 Starhub bill, Refund for Terminated Shareplus line only start from the 18/12/2020.

Which means I am still paying for the Terminated Shareplus Line from end Nov 2019 (Date of Termination) till 18/12/20 not as a SharePlus charges but Full Plan charges. Call Starhub Customer Service on 18/1/20 @ 1700hrs, served by Diba.

After repeating the whole story to her, her only reply was the "Wavier" will take 2 to 3 billig cycle.

This is where I felt really short-changed: " First, the recontract should be a hassle free process, but I was caught in this mistake that Starhub made and had to pay for it first. Instead of refund OverCharges asap, it becomes that I have to ask for a Wavier and have to take 2 to 3 billing cycle to process". Told her I was very tired of monitoring this and hope she can help to resolve this issue. After much checking, she promissed it will be resolved in the next billing cycle.


7. Received my Feb 20 Starhub bill. Nothing was done. Starhub seems to forget about the whole issue. Call Starhub Customer Service on 28/2/20 @ 1000hrs, served by Mich.

I was made to repeated the whole story from (1) to (6) to her. She promissed she will personally resolved this and told me she will hold the Credit Card payment for this month for the issue to be resolved. I request that she to call me if there is any problem so that I can take it from there and I wish to resolve this and have no wish to delay further.


8. Received my Mar 20 Starhub bill. No refund was made. However Credit card deduction was held on for one month. Call Starhub Customer Service on 18/3/20 @ 1345hrs, served by Victoria.

I was made to repeated the whole story from (1) to (7) to her. She checked and say she will get back to me in 3 working days.


9. No reply or whatsoever.  Call Starhub Customer Service on 24/3/20 @ 1745hrs, served by Shankar. 

I was made to repeated the whole story from (1) to (8) to him. He checked and say he will consult his Manager on the other line. Finally, He told me his manager wil personally see to this matter and resolved it on within the same day. No Delay this time. 

After this whole series of bad experience, I was skeptical if Starhub can really get this right this time.

I requested for his Manager name and request either a call back or SMS to confirm the issue resolved.

I got his Manager Name (Darren) and Shankar confirmed that his Manger will definately reply me on this and request me to rate his Starhub Service.


10. As of to date. No attempts was made to reach out to me to resolve this issue by Starhub.


11. Very tired to repeat the whole story again & again. Hope is posting find the right personnel to help me resolve this billing issue.




Re: OverCharges in Bill but Unable to Resolve in Months

Hi @TKTan, I'm sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you. Let me just check, if on your last call to our Customer Service did they tell you when to expect a callback or SMS regarding your concern? 

~ Carla
Senior Commentator

Re: OverCharges in Bill but Unable to Resolve in Months

Dear Carla,


Thanks for your kind attention on this.

As mentioned in point 9,


Your Customer Service, Shankar promissed me that his manager Darren will get back to me either via SMS or returned call within a day.


As of today, no reply from Starhub.

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Re: OverCharges in Bill but Unable to Resolve in Months

Hi Carla,


Is there any update on my problem of overbilling by Starhub?


Appreciated your kind advise.