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Mobile installment

Valued Commentator

Mobile installment

I have purchased a mobile phone  in 24 month installment with sim only paln. After 1 month recontracted to 2 yr mobile plan and purchased another mobile phone. What will happen to my first Mobile phone with 24 month installment?

Community Manager

Re: Mobile installment

Hi Ceepee


Thank you for your concerns.


Your Monthly Equipment Installment for the first handset you took up with your SIM Only plan will continue on even after you re-contract to the new 2-year plans. This will be shown in your monthly bill.


Do take note, however, that any promotional discounts you've enjoyed in your previous SIM Only application will be discontinued.


- Amy
Valued Commentator

Re: Mobile installment

Hi thank you for ur reply. But a customer executive told me that i have to pay the balancebalance inst amount in lump-sum.

So which is accurate. Can you please clarify.

Thank you



Re: Mobile installment

Hi Ceepee, thank you for waiting. Please PM us your subscriber name, registered Hub ID / email address and mobile number to, we’ll arrange for assistance. Thank you.