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Mobile Plan

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Mobile Plan


Need some advise if i want to downgrade my plan from L to the lowest plan how much is the changes?


Because is so unreasonable that when i recontract my phone the peak actually state 24 months caller id free for online but when I do it online the bill came without it and call customer service they said service agreement didn’t state. 


Aside to that when I was at the StarHub store I check with the sales person about my plan they say I should be entitled to 5GB for 12 month he said he help me to write in an email so that the customer care will call me in 2 working days but then when I call the customer care they said I not entitled.


And apparently i signed a new line a few days after I recontract my own line and the perks for new line is better than my recontract line how is that reasonable.


The customer service people is not giving any help by saying your service agreement didn’t state, but is your company website that promote on the website and your staff told me but end up there’s nothing is like i felt being cheated.

Community Manager

Re: Mobile Plan

Hi Vxvven


My sincerest apologies on any inconvenience caused.


I've responded to you at, do take a look.


Thank you.


- Jackson