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Higher Bills & Lower Discounts - Unbelievable

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Re: Higher Bills & Lower Discounts - Unbelievable

hi eric, thanks so much for your tips.


i don't currently have any issues with the services that i've gotten at the moment (not that i use it heavily enough to know in the first place). and believe me, i hate the hassle of jumping around from telco to telco and recontracting as well (i mean, i've been with starhub for like, easily more than 10yrs i think). but unfortunately, i'm not exactly the type who changes phones every year or two. i changed my phone just last year (i got 2 lines) after not changing for a few years and i'm not inclined to buy a new phone again at least in the next 3 years.


i suppose i'm not exactly sure how the 12months early recontract with $200 benefit is going to help me unless i'm eagerly buying a new phone every year. in fact, i saw they had a 12 month contract without phone and at a cheaper monthly price (which was good), but apparently that's only available for new customers. not existing recontracting customers. bummer.


the discounts they're offering (be it CIS or hubclub) ain't anything special either, cos my lines are usually the lowest plans which are too cheap for them starhub people to deserve good discounts or vouchers or benefits. 


i was also looking at the happytalk thing (that i think that's what you're referring to), but i can only link 1 number actually (and unfortunately), cos my friends are mostly on m1 and a few on singtel... i guess at the end of the day, the advs just don't fit people like me... 

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Re: Higher Bills & Lower Discounts - Unbelievable

Well, you have made your informed choice, taking into your budget &or usage.

This is good.

Each and everyone have their own choice & decision.