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Google Play Store Claims

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Google Play Store Claims

Have been trying to assist my dad on his bill.


Apparently he was charged $120 that was listed on his bill only as "Google Play Store".

Called in to Starhub and was asked to claim from Google account.

Logged into Google account which shows Zero Transaction History, hence no way to claim.

Called Starhub and was given some transaction number to claim from Google.

Contacted Google with all the info and Google is unable to find the transaction.

Contacted Starhub again via email with Google's reply on the number that was provided by Starhub and all the corespondences and was repeatedly replied by Starhub's representative that we can only claim from Google and that they are unable to help in anyway.


Anyone please advise if they have any similar cases or where can i move from here? As the bill is still there and Starhub is just unable to give any info and unwilling to link up with Google for clarification on this matter.


TIA for any who can give some advise on this. Thanks!