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Full Number portability form

New Commentator

Full Number portability form

Under the "Undertaking Agreement" section of the form, for individual customers, where is the option for agreeing to port over Starhub prepaid number to postpaid ? I only see the "Agree to port over my SingTel/M1* mobile number" option. Also, do I have to make a trip down to a Starhub store just to get the "Processed by: (Sales Personnel)" and " Customer Service/Dealer Outlet Stamp " sections filled up ? Because I want to purchase online and do not want to make a trip to the physical store. 

Grand Guru

Re: Full Number portability form

Online store do not handle Prepaid SIM card matter.

Hence you may have to visit Starhub retail shops to have porting on Prepaid SIM mobile number.

Then follow by convert Prepaid to Postpaid via sales staff.

For postpaid, just select the  SIM-only plan which have no contract.

Finally, then you can do the Online purchase using the SIM-only to sign up the contract.


Should you have any queries, do write to forum staff to assist you.

As you can ask if there are any promotion available for you on porting.


Please submit and provide with the following information;

Registered subscriber Name, NRIC/FIN number, contact, email.

PM @Jolene_L  or  @Amy_Law  to assist and look into your case on this matter


How to send a PM (Private Message) on StarHub Community?




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