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Enquiry about the Starhub Mobile Billing

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Enquiry about the Starhub Mobile Billing


This query is regarding about my starhub mobile service billing. 


1) First of all, my subscribed service plan is 4G5 and the contract end date will be on 20 Jan 2019.


2) I have tried to press step by step while calling to starhub hotline (1633). So what did I press?

I have pressed according as follow below: 

Press "1" for "English".

Press "1" for "Mobile Services".

Press "2" for "Account Balance and other billing enquiry".

Press "7" for "To check on your deposit".


3) After I have press the step accordingly and key in my NRIC/Fin no. there. 


4) I thought that it might provide me for the information of how much deposit that I have paid in the past. 

But it is not something like this, which I found out that the deposit amount was offesting to my bills and I have been paid exceed amount. 


Case breakdown, I haven't settle yet for the previous balance for (11 August 2018 Bill). 

After I have press "To check on your deposit", the deposit amount is offessting which means subtracting ("Deposit" - "11 August 2018 Bill Balance") = (-Numbers "Exceed Amount")).

Furthermore, I have paid the previous balance ($) through iBanking too before I found out (-$ "Exceed Amount") above. 


5) Now my query is,


Question 1) Does that option "To check on your deposit" while calling hotline is offessting the deposit amount to pay the phone bills and later or sooner my contract will be terminated? Is that so? Please do clarify on this case as I am not going to terminate my contract and I am planning to recontract the service. 


Question 2) Now I look like that I have paid exceed payment due to this misunderstanding of service through phone call as I have already press to proceed. Can I cancel or is there any retrive option to that proceeded service? As I am afraid so the current despoit amount was already offestting to my bills and I may require to pay again for the deposit when I am going to recontract. Do I have to pay again as the desposit amount was offesseted? 


Please do assist me on my query ASAP. I have tried to call to your billing customer services immediately too once I have found out this issue to clarify, but there is no response from your side. Thus, I am posting here to aware for my case. 


Thank you so much. 

Looking forward to hear from you soon. 


Oak Gar
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