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Eligibility for 3GB for $3 VAS

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Eligibility for 3GB for $3 VAS

Hi, I would like to check if I am qualified for the 3GB for $3 VAS?

I recontracted my 4G3 mobile line on 30th Mar online and arranged for the delivery of the handset on 02nd Apr. During the online registration on 30th Mar, I choosed the 3GB for $3 VAS promo. But when I received the serivce agreement on the delivery date, it stated a one-time charge of $10.70 and Monthly Recurring Charge of $25.68. I called up 1633 yesterday to check but the guy said no VAS of 3GB was recorded in the system.

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Re: Eligibility for 3GB for $3 VAS

Hi  @ChoonBoon


*Edit:  Oops, should be $6.00


If i am not wrong, the charges of $25.68 is the normal charge, if this promotion "3GB for *$6 VAS" is terminated. (Refer to T&C)

This is to avoid unnecessary complain on and in future where this promotion is terminated by Starhub.


As for the actual charges, it will be  for 4G-4

Total Data = 7GB;  Total monthly subscription = $68.90  and SMS 1200SMS/MMS

As stated that it will be  $62.90 + *$6.0 = $68.90 monthly subscription.

As for $10.70 this is normal standard charges for activation fees of (any/all) VAS.


Refer to the link; (Alternately you can click on the "Find out more" stated in the "3GB for *$6 VAS" advert.


Also on Plus 3 FAQ link;


And the Terms & Conditions link;



*Edit; Oops, should be  $6.00



I am not Starhub staff &or related to.


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Re: Eligibility for 3GB for $3 VAS

Hi @ChoonBoon,


Please send us your details via by also including your StarHub Community user name, so that we can check assist you accordingly. 



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