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Early recontract

Valued Commentator

Early recontract

Valued Commentator

Re: Early recontract

Hi I'm dissapointed with starhub
I called many times to request for early recontract waiver as I am going overseas in next few days and wish to recontract before I leave for 6 months
My contract expire in sep-17. All I ask for is able to recontract now with waiver of the recontract fees as I am now almost complying 20months.
I don't think it's something unreasonable to ask for given that I have been a loyal customer of starhub (mobile , Internet , cable tv) for close to 10years
Can someone help me pls I want to go down to starhub today to recontract !!!
Grand Guru

Re: Early recontract

There is this  Annual Handset Upgrade for Hub club member.

Hub club member is for subscriber who have all these 3 main Services with Starhub.

Namely, Mobile, Broadband, TV, Services.


Refer to this link;  >> Hubber benefits


This Annual Handset Upgrade do have 2 main conditions.

1.  The last time that this is used must be more than 12 months ago.

2.  The handset concern must be at least completed 12 months of contract.


There is a need to top-up $100.

Early Recontract fee is $300

Hubber benefit is wavier of $200

So the amount to top-up is  $300 - $200 =  $100.



i am not starhub staff &or related to.