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Hi all,


Can anybody please assist me?


I have been very stressed calling and asking Starhub customer service support why is my data usage more than 200MB. I am using a home/office wifi and very seldom to use my mobile data. They keep telling me the same thing, that my biggest data usage is for FACEBOOK but the I have set the settings of mobile data for FACEBOOK app off, so I am unable to use Facebook unless connected to a wifi. 


It is only the 13th of the month and my data consumed is already 7+++ GB. Please do assist me. They have been charging me around 400-900MB/day when I am not even using the apps. I always check even for background apps running, i do not watch videos/youtube. This is sooo disappointing as I am no longer enjoying my data usage because of the fear of paying excess data that I DID NOT EVEN USE!!!!!


Please do not play with your customer. Money is hard earned and it is not supposed to go just like that by paying your ridiculous excess data calculations!!!

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FACEBOOK may have made changes to the way they may download certain items although did not request for.

As according to some users who made complaints and without any official response.

Beside facebook on this issue, some of the apps are using this &or other methods to add more revenue, to their benefit without much thought for the users.


If you are not aware, there is a new app for facebook user and may be situable for you to use instead.

Facebook Lite App.

Do check it out at the Play store for more info.


For data usage, they may not be able to assist you as when you like.

You have to wait for the your Bill to check on the usage first.

Then you could write for an appeal to reduce the charge.


You can write via forum staff to assist you when you receive your latest bill.

Do PM (private message) forum staff Amy_Law to assist you on this matter.


Click on this link; >> Send private message to Amy_Law


Please submit and provide with the following information;

Message Subject:

Registered subscriber Name, NRIC/FIN number, contact, email.



How to send a PM (Private Message) on StarHub Community?



To understand how mobile data is calculated, do refer to this link;

>>  Ridiculous Data Excess Calculation by staff Santosh Rai





i am not starhub staff &or related to.

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Thank you for your reply. Two months ago, I was charged excess data of 15GB as well so they waived off only half of it even when I did not use my data. So, will they always charge me like this and will trouble me monthly to call and ask them to waive the excess data charges? This isn't right. Smiley Sad