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Data travel plan - huge disappointment On alert system

Senior Commentator

Data travel plan - huge disappointment On alert system



I am on a holiday in Australia to celebrate my brother’s graduation now and was rudely shocked with a series of 14 messages back to back that I exceed my 2GB travel plan. There was not much warning and the series of messages that were sent at 1.33pm today on 14 June 









The messages did not give me any time to react as I kept reading it that in total 60 dollars was incurred inmediately.


isnt this system to warn and help the users? Why do we get messages all together? All within the same second?


If u have alerted me when I exceed by 10 dollar block, I could have deactivated it immediately before it blows up to a 60 dollar bill?


i wish to be updated on the rationale behind such horrible informative system and why are we not given adequate time to react ???? 


Community Manager

Re: Data travel plan - huge disappointment On alert system

Hi Sharon


I've replied to your other post. 


- Amy