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Credit card payment bill

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Credit card payment bill



I have received a StarHub recurring charge of $198 in my January bill charged to my credit card. 


When I called to enquire about the charge, I was informed by the customer representative that it's a fee charge for paying my StarHub bills with my credit card. 


This appalled me, because I had not been notified by StarHub prior or when I decided to link my credit card to pay for mobile bills. Further, in the StarHub bills, the credit card registration form had no small print indicating of this fee.


It's ridiculous to realise that StarHub actually charges for this payment convenience.


I had called StarHub 4 times, each time asking to speak to the billing department. Every single time, the billing department is busy and the representative promised that I would receive a call back by 24 hours. 


On all 4 occasions, no one called me back. 


I am terribly disappointed by the service, and the lack of follow up. I am prepared to even go down to a Starhub center to settle this but saw that the Centers do not handle billing matters. 


I would like to

1. Unlink the credit card payment to the StarHub bills 

2. Dispute the credit card charge 


I hope someone can look into this matter asap before my contract expires on Feb 10.




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Re: Credit card payment bill

Hi @Krissykew, sorry to hear about your experience. Please PM me the subscriber's name, NRIC/FIN, email address and contact number. We'll be in touch. - Sofia