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Contract status.

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Contract status.



May I ask how do I check the status of my mobile postpaid contract? I want to know the exact date I signed up for the 2 year plans. I can't seem to find it anywhere on the starhub website.

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Re: Contract status.

The easy way is to download My Starhub app.

Install this app to your phone.


Open My Starhub app and login using your Hub iD and the password.

Once you have login, at the bottom select and click on My Account.

Next page then select My subscribed services.

At the next page, do select Contract.

If you have more than one Services &or Accounts, select the Filter on top-right.

Either select the Billing Account or View by Service and scroll down click OK.


If you have more than one mobile in this Account, scroll the section under Mobile to see next mobile line numbers for this Account.

Do note that the Contract end date is the LAST day of the contract.

As for Recontract status, mobile line can be recontract after completed 12 months of contract with Recontract fees on $300/$200 depend on the plan.

If the contract have completed 21 months of contract, you can recontract without any fee to any plan as you wish with handset contract.

Should you not to recontract, then the contract must expired before terminate or sign-up for SIM-only plan.



You can visit this Starhub website check your Account: >> Hub iD Login

Once you have login using your Hub iD and password;

Move the cursor to the top-right "Face" Icon and scroll down to click Managed my account.

Scroll down to Manage My Services and select the Mobile &or Service you want to check by click on the View & Manage.

Next page will able to view your Contract detail.



i am not starhub staff &or related to.

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Re: Contract status.

Hi @rafiqi24, if you still require assistance, please PM me the subscriber's name, NRIC/FIN, E-mail address and contact number. We'll be in touch. - Sofia