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Charged twice when recontracting

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Charged twice when recontracting

Did a recontract on the 30sept (Sat) and got a handset at $529 via installment plan. checked on my available balance for credit card later at night and realized that $1058 was missing instead of $529. Called in to my issuing bank immediately and they confirmed starhub charged me twice. been calling in to starhub hotline since then till today, none of your CSO can rectify or assist in the resolution of this matter. called DBS today and was told 1 payment of $529 had already been processed while another deduction of $529 was still on hold.  Am not impressed with how this works. Never have i been charged twice for an installment plan, and no one from your customer service has any idea what is going on. do get back to me with a solution asap. 

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Re: Charged twice when recontracting

Ha, you are not the only one to encountered this deduction made and their system failure.


When my online recontract at the payment by master card was indicated as not successful.

I did not reliased it did deduct from my bank.

Until few days later when starhub called to informed me whether i still want to proceed to complete the online purchase as she told me the payment was done successful.

Immediately i cancelled and want my money back.

Then she said will proceed to refund the amount.


This again happened to another person who posted here.

Make the payment and indicated as unsuccessful.

Told the person not to do it as the user did made another payment and also not successful.

Check with the bank and was deducted for both payment.


So you may have to wait for them to contact you.

Or they would quietly refund you.

Do monitor yor bank transaction records.



I am not starhub staff &or related to.

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Re: Charged twice when recontracting

Hi @ Marqueslhl


Please send me your full name, NRIC/FIN number, account details, contact number and email via Private Message and I'll check on this incident.


- Amy