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Change overseas address

Senior Commentator

Change overseas address

Hi, my contract is about to reach re-contract soon but I recently change my ic to overseas address. Can I use my hard copy billed of a local address to re contract?

Grand Guru

Re: Change overseas address

In normal case, mobile recontract is based on Subscriber name & nric and mobile number.


For better understanding to your unique issue as oversea address, do let Starhub know.

This is so that Starhub can contact you if need arise, such as contact & email.

As personal detail is require, do write to forum staff to assist you further.


Please submit and provide with the following information;

Registered subscriber Name, NRIC/FIN number, contact, email.

PM @Jolene_L  or  @Amy_Law  to assist and look into your case on this matter


How to send a PM (Private Message) on StarHub Community?




I am not Starhub staff &or related to.