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CIS scheme + Youth Perk

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CIS scheme + Youth Perk

 Hi All,


I'm planning to re-contract with CIS scheme for XS plan which will give me FREE caller ID and roaming for 24 months.


But i am 24 currently, so i'm actually eligible for the Youth Perk which will give me FREE 3GB/month.


I am not a HomeTeam member or SAF NSF, but i'm under the NTUC union (My company is SP Group and we actually under UPAGE union, also under NTUC).


I'm wondering how and if i am eligible for both CIS scheme and youth perk, so i can enjoy together.





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Re: CIS scheme + Youth Perk

Hi @ amdictator


There was a similar query submitted via Twitter. Do confirm if you've reached out to us there as well. 

- Amy