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Billing statement

New Commentator

Billing statement

How can i check the breakdown of my bill. Because they deduct my bill thru giro but its only the total amount of my bill i see and also on my starhub app

Grand Guru

Re: Billing statement



You can download the bill in pdf format either in My Starhub App or website login.


In the My Starhub App at the bottom click on My Account.

Under My Services click Bills.

On top right there is Filter, if you have more than 1 billing account.

Select the Account and click OK.

In the Account do scroll downward until there is > Download Recent Bills.

Do select the correct month of the bill and download.


View your bill and all the items stated in details.

Should you have any queries you can contact Billing hotline 1637 or post here for forum staff to assist you on this matter.



i am not starhub staff.