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Bill surprise

New Commentator

Bill surprise



Back in June of 2018, I signed up for two services below:


1. Mobile service - Sim Only Plan - 12 months

2. Phone - monthly equipment installment - 24 months


Now that my Sim Only Plan has ended, I decided to port over to another telco for another Sim Only Plan. However, I was surprised when I received my following bill for my monthly equipment installment that I will be charged the full outstanding balance for the remaining 12 months due immediately this month.


I don't understand why I would be charged the full amount when I clearly signed up for 24 month installment plan. When I signed up over the counter last year, the customer service officer who attended me told me that I can choose to not continue my Sim Only Plan once I've finished the 12 months and my installment plan would not be affected. I feel cheated now that I will have to pay a huge lump sum of money for the phone that I intended to get through an installment plan in the first place. 


Can I still have a way to pay the remaining balance in installment? 


Thank you very much!