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Appalling Business Customer/Sales Service

New Commentator

Appalling Business Customer/Sales Service

I purchased iphonex under corporate account.


Nightmare 1: Starhub kept sending messages that delivery guy will come on 'x' date at 'y' time. But the guy kept coming at wrong day/time and insisted that he will come to deliver whenever he has time.


Nightmare 2: Couple of days post delivery, they deactivated my sim card asssuming that I am using the new sim card. They didnt bother informing me that they are going to deactivate. They didnt bother checking with me if I have started using the new sim card. The reality is because they delayed delivering all the phones that we ordered, i passed my handset to my colleague and continued using my old phone and old sim. This is company work phone. I missed so many work calls becuase of Starhub's thoughlessness and poor processes!

Alumni (Retired)

Re: Appalling Business Customer/Sales Service

Hi @gp1, I apologise for the inconvenienced caused to you. May I know if you require further assistance now?