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21 month recon matters

New Commentator

21 month recon matters

Hi I wanna to check, my contract end date is 3 May 2018. I called the 1633 hotline and check they told me that I can recon on 4 Jan 2018 is that true? Secondly: when can I get my recon vouchers? and can the vouchers be used concurrently with CIS benefits.


As for the shareplus. It states subcription is $9.65 and max 2 supp line. My question is $9.65 is for 2 suppl lines or for each (e.g. $9.65 x 2)?


Lastly can the shareplus and datashare run concurrently as well?


Pls advice.

Grand Guru

Re: 21 month recon matters



As your mobile contract expire on 3rd May 2018 then you can recontract from 4th Feb 2018.

That is to say completed 21 months of contract.


For exact info on your contract do check via your Account for better and accuracy.



For SharePlus is a VAS and mean to be allowed up to 2 shareplus lines per one Main Postpaid Line.

Each SharePlus line cost is $9.63 per monthly subscription.


As for DataShare is a VAS.


Link to more info: >> VAS SharePlus & DataShare


Each VAS can be used independently.

You can add and remove either of them individually and it will be prorata on the usage.



Regarding to Recontract Voucher and CIS benefit.


*Recontract voucher is for handset upfront cost purchase.

But do note it is not applicable to handset with discount promotion as both are consider as promotion.

With exceptional for purchase in the Online store.


*CIS benefit is for monthly subscription discount.


Hence they are different in term of discount.


Upon the recontract period due, do post here for to request for recontract voucher.

Alternately you can PM the forum staff here when due and at the same time check the benefit for your CIS.

Sometime if there is any voucher available to you, it may be stated in your Account on that particular mobile line.

So do check the your Account for more info and additional benefits, if any.




i am not starhub staff.