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slow download speed on starhub vs singtel

Respected Commentator

slow download speed on starhub vs singtel

anyone can tell me why is starhub download speed on bnet is so slow compared to singtel.


i was downloading a 45gb file using starhub broadband 1gbps and my friend was using singtel, both of us using lan cable. he was getting20mbps while i was getting 500kbps.


i switching to using singtel hotspot from my mobile phone and was getting 6mbps.


is there something wrong with starhub broadband servers? seriously thinking of switching to over telco when you pay something that does not perform.


do not tell me to reset my router cause it does not help after doing so.


Re: slow download speed on starhub vs singtel

Hi @ngjianxiong88, sorry for the inconvenience caused. I'd be happy to assist you with your concern, however, we need to refer you to our Customer Care Support Team on Facebook or Twitter since this will require further technical assistance. 


~ Carla