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appointment complaint

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appointment complaint

i went to the starhub plaza singapore branch to exchange my broken tv box. it turns out that i am elligible for recontract. so i went ahead with the recontract.


i have 2 tv box. one in living room and another one in the bedroom. i agreed to upgrade both to fiber.


i set up an appointment for the living room first on the 25th. and bedroom on the 26th.

why? because the cable guy that will come on the 25th supposedly check the bedroom and let me know if it is possible to upgrade the tv box to fiber. they need to check if they can set up the data point.  if it is not possible then that will give me time to cancel the 2nd appointment.


the guy came on the 25th and did his job and checked the bedroom and he said it is possible and he let me know how he would set up the cable.


this is where the problem begins.



my understanding is there will be a guy who is coming to setup the data point on the living room and then another guy to upgrade the tv box and also update the wifi. for both appointment dates.


only the guy that setup the data point came on the 25th. 


i called starhub and they said the guy who will upgrade the tv box and the wifi will be on the 26th.



there is no appointment setup for the 2nd data point installation. 


1 data point. 2 tv box. 2 google wifi. 


anyone else see the problem with this?  maybe i should just put the 2nd tv box for display purpose only?  


i made it clear when i signed that recontract that livingroom and bedroom are far apart. therefore 2 data points. 2 tv box. 2 google wifi.

maybe starhub should take some lesson in team management and on how to get them in sync? 



Grand Guru

Re: appointment complaint



Not sure how your arrangements are made.


From my understanding the are separate works for data point installation and set up/activation of Fibre TV & internet including router because they are done by different teams.

In my case the 1st appointment by the installer/contractor is to complete all data point installation.

Then the next appointment is by the Starhub technician/engineer to setup/activate Fibre TV & Router.

Both teams come after the other had completed on 2 time slots; example; 0900-1100 and 1100-1300.


So in your case when the installer doing the data points should be doing both at the same time.

Meaning doing data points installation in the living room and the bedroom together.


As for your next appointment, is there a separate timing for different teams on data point installation and setup Fibre TV & Router (Google Wifi) on the same date.

Best is to contact hotline 1633 CSO to confirm and make necessary re-arrange on appointments for each team, if possible.





i am not starhub staff.

Valued Commentator

Re: appointment complaint

not sure how they set it up

but i specifically stated that i do not know if there is data point available in the bedroom.

thats why i requested 2 appt dates.

the first appt date is for the livingroom upgrade and also to check and confirm if it is possible to upgrade the bedroom tv box

if it is not possible then i can cancel the 2nd appointment.

easy enough to understand i think.
Community Manager

Re: appointment complaint

Hi jdjuhar88,please PM us your subscriber name, registered Hub ID / email address and mobile number >> HERE << to provide further assistance. We'll have to check on your account details for better understanding regarding the installation appointment. Thank you.